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Monday, 20 September 2010


Bruno the italian dog, Brown Uinversity Medical School or c/o Bella Napoli Bikini Waxing Salon (next door to Angelo's Pizza, Providence, RI

You might but no doubt won't check out the on line story in today's Ha'Retz, where that Jewish paper points with some pride, but certainly no whining, to the presentation of Jewish gangster Arnold Rothstein in the new HBO series...well, you know the name.

They're not ashamed. They're not defensive. They don't claim that he brings more shame on his people.

They're adults. And they're men, not weak pussies who are secretly ashamed of their ethnicity and feel it can't stand up to folklore-ization, or in fact benefit from said folklore-ification. They enjoy the fact that he is portrayed as a leader, and a tough one, albeit a criminal.

And don't bother going into some crap in your head about how Rothstein is an anomaly in filmed entertainment unllike Italians. There have been scores of films where Jews are criminals and social pariahs in 20th century America.

Develop some pride in the totality of yourself.


Tommy - you left out your own site when you mentioned the crappy, shouty, non-moderated idiot points of view comments sections on websites, (I've paraphrased for you).

But then, since you never actually face your critics, it's most likely the best place for you.

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Sad news. One of the Italian-American "minstrel show" performers, one of your I-A "Stepinfetchits", Denise Borino Quinn, of Roseland, who played Ginny Sack onThe Sopranos , that show you watched repeatedly to definitively certify its negative impact on Italians, died of cancer at age 46. She worked in a nail salon. Without acting experience, she, as you know, turned out true and moving portraits of humanity.

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I could not have said it any better man!!! keep up the awesome work my friend. You are very talented & I pray that I can write as good as you someday…

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Probably the best part is that the conversation there is deep but respectful. You don't get the annoying trolls who involve themselves in shouting matches like you get at liberal websites such as Huffington Poo and Daily Cuss.

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As the historical record indicates, Congressman Pallone waited for disaster and tragedy to strike before he moved to reign in the MMS. It took more than 20 years since scandal first struck the MMS and almost 90 days after the worst oil spill in US history for Pallone to show any sign of leadership on his committee. Note that on July 15th, 2010 Congressman Pallone finally issued a press release stating that he had approved legislation to “abolish the Minerals Management Service”.

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