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Wednesday, 22 September 2010



Would Obama please let us know which city we can afford to have attacked? Maybe he could tell us which building, or even which individuals he would mind having incinerated. Perhaps he would choose the Pentagon again as long as they get it right this time... or the Republican national headquarters. But, what if the next target was the Sear Tower?


So, what you're saying is, you'd rather a President huddle under his desk hiding from the big bad terrorists than say, "You can hit us, but you wont hurt us".

Wow, you want a really weak and feable country don't you Tommy, thankfully Obama has the balls you don't to say such a thing.

I suppose you'd be off hiding from the big bad saying, "never again" in a weak, trembling tone.


You've just show that you have less faith in this country than Barack Obama does, "Justified Right."


Jim, you're quite right - normally I find Tommy's pieces quite funny, (I read them as if they were satire).

However, in this article he's shown what a coward he is, and how weak America would be if people like himself were to gain control.

You lambast Obama for bowing to people, Tommy from this I would imgaine you'd kneel and ask for mercy.


Don't be so bloody stupid. He's sending a message to the terrorists: go ahead, do your worst. We're not afraid of you. We'll take whatever you can dish out and be stronger for it. We're resilient, we'll bounce back. You're insignificant." It's called defiance, for Christ's sake.

What's the alternative? "Please, terrorists, don't attack us again, because we can't take it"?

Hell, I'd have thought the right wing would be all over that kind of comment like a fat kid on a gummy bear.


Michael... nice job... making fun of right wingers by picking on some poor kid who is calorically challenged, or more commonly known as cc'd.... that's just mean.. I think we should start a new Health Care program to ensure that every child who is cc'd would be taken care of in perpetuity instead of being slandered by a demeaning bully pulpit populist like yourself... really shocked you say one thing and do another... oh yeah, that's called being liberal..


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We can absorb a terrorist attack. We'll do everything we can to prevent it, but even a 9/11, even the biggest attack ever

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Even if he is factually correct that we would bounce back from one, is this the right attitude for a President?

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Even if he is factually correct that we would bounce back from one

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Even if he is factually correct that we would bounce back from one, is this the right attitude for a President?

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