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Thursday, 03 June 2010


Isabel Gorgo

Dear Ms. Biamonte:

I am a tea party patriot, who marched in DC last Sept. I will be at the Glenn Beck rally in Aug. and God willing, will be there again in Sept. I have been following your platform and am very relieved to see we have a lady, with true patriotic values. I have been speaking to all that will listen about your run in our district. My prayers are with you and our great country.

I will be honored to have you as my representative.


Isabel Gorgo

mbt shoes

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Independent Distributor

All should be aware that Ms. Biamonte demonstrates her anti-business beliefs by stealing from independent business people, claiming fraud because of a distribution arrangement with a primary provider and disputing charges. Buying at wholesale and selling at retail is not a crime. Anyone involved in distribution or sales should beware. Ms. Biamonte uses credit card disputes to steal from business people. What will she do in a position of responsibility?

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