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Tuesday, 04 May 2010



Considering this bomb plot points to Afghanistan, not Al-Qaeda I think we'e already got that war covered.

Although I'm sure you have a long, long list Tommy of people you'd like to be 'left no choice' to go to war with.

Truth be told - this bomber was trained by people that American and Britain trianed to kill the Ruskies back in the good old days.

Who'd have thought they'd use that training on any old invading force eh - I mean, if you can't trust a terrorst para-military group you trained, who can you trust?

Bruno The Italian Dog, Brown University Medical School or c/o Angies Pizza and Nail Salon. Providence RI


Gambino, Costello, et al (including Capone) knew how to make a bomb that went off. Right? Viva Italia-America.

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