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Friday, 21 May 2010



You make some good points.
But the Left hates Libertarians and they want to demonize Rand Paul by painting him as a racist.
What about THEIR racist, Senator KKK Robert Byrd?

Paul needs to focus on Kentucky-and stay away from the Beltway and the lamestream media.
That's the best advice.


Your article was posted at "The Daily Caller" today....congrats!


The civil rights act makes discrimination in a business context illegal, but it doesn't affect personal social interaction.

If business were allowed to discriminate according to race, would there still be "whites only" business. You betcha. The idea of whites only business seems abhorrent to those of us who grew up after 1964 have been taught that this is abhorrent. But without the civil rights act, there would still be sections for the country were some minorities would not be able to travel or live because hotels, restaurants and housing would be unavailable to them. Not in Boston, or Seattle, but in the deep south? Yes.

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