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Wednesday, 26 May 2010



"I have no great need to play "gotcha" on someone who makes a mistake. Talk or type long enough and we'll all make one."

Like saying there are ten commandments?

My my, didn't study our Bible very well did we Tommy?

It's OK that you got your Bible history from an action movie, a lot of people only learn about religion thrid hand these days, seems no one likes reading.


Wait, what is this, Mel Brooks' "History of the World, Part 1"? I bring you these 15... (drops 1 tablet)... these 10, 10 Commandments?

Russ Rogers

You are right, Olbermann's joke was bunglde! He confused two very different Arks from the Old Testament. I guess the jokes on him, because that joke bombed worse than a nuclear test in the Arizona Desert.

But, I think you are focusing overly on the missed punchline to the joke and seem to claim that discounts Olbermann's set-up, that Tim D'Annunzio is kind of a Right Wing-nut with a few loose screws.

Here's how North Carolina GOP Chair summed up D'Annunzio, "I consider Mr. D'Annunzio unfit for public office at any level. What he could do to the party as our nominee is secondary in my view to what he could do to the country if he got elected."


So, who are you going to believe, Olbermann or the Chairman of the North Carolina GOP? Either way, D'Annunzio doesn't look very good.


So then, that makes saying he found the Ark of the Covenant in Arizona not crazy?


Both Noah's Ark and the Ark of the Covenant are imaginary, mythical items that don't exist and can't be found by anyone, so honestly, what difference does it make?


I don't think he's saying anything about the politician who made the peculiar claim. Everyone knows that the Ark of the Covenant is likely somewhere in the Middle East. Why wouldn't it be, considering it's part of the history of the Hebrews? This post has nothing to do with that claim. He's just poking fun at the reporter who's supposed to be well-informed on the subject he's discussing, who no doubt wrote that joke in advance and ran it by a few editors/fact checkers, and no one caught the mistake.

That's like trying to make fun of someone for giving specific reasons he doesn't believe that global warming has been proven (i.e. believing that the Earth's temperature is rising due to solar warming and not man's activity) but getting those reasons all wrong as you make fun of him. Like saying, "Yeah, that's why there's an Ice Age going on on Mars" without realizing that Mars is currently warming at about the same rate as the Earth. You'd look kind of foolish to someone who knows that fact. Regardless of the veracity of this dude's claim, Olbermann looked like an idiot for bungling his facts. That's what this blog is about, people, not the history of the world, not the veracity of scripture, nothing but Olbermann looking foolish.


I thought the reference was a joke. Just like when he said the odd story about the frogs crossing that Greek road reminded him of the video game "Burger Time" (as opposed to the obvious answer, "Frogger"). It does seem kinda silly to be nit-picking over a joke.


I thought the Ark of the Covenant was in storage somewhere in the United States...didn't Professor Indian Jones bring it back?

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He was able to dove-tail a reference to Arizona's new immigration law into his story about the Ark of the Covenant.

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