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Wednesday, 19 May 2010



That's right Tommy.

Hell, why not get rid of those pesky jurors who may not give the correct verdict.

Or defense lawyers who sully the good name of the law by defending these evil criminals.

Bill of Rights? Pah - why should the guilty have rights!?

In fact Tommy - why don't we just shoot people on sight if we don't like the look of them, after all - they must have done something wrong to be looking so shifty - especially in that eutopia you've just thought up.


Go Jack Bauer, go !!

It's always that simple: follow the law or save 1,000 lives, ticking time bomb....makes for great TV.

Founding Fathers say the country is a country of laws, not a country of emotions.


Criminals are still going to be criminals whether Miranda exists or not and will still get prosecuted.

Tommy, remember when we were in college as my part time job I used to chase shoplifters at Seaview Square Mall? Those who I caught would always tell me..."yea, yea, I know my rights...I still didn't do nuttin". Then we showed them the video tape of them boosting their item. Their input was unnecessary.

In the UK, they tell criminals, to not leave out any information that may help you in court. That is warped reverse psychology since innocent people will say everything they can to prove their innocence and criminals will still keep quiet.

Here we say shut up or your big mouth may get you into even more trouble than of what you stand accused. Besides, the majority of the people that has it read to them are guilty anyway. Hopefully, the courts will acquit the innocent.

I like our way better and Tommy is right. If you are guilty, the balance of the time they are going to convict you on evidence anyway.

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