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Friday, 05 March 2010



I'm still trying to find where in the Bill of Rights it states that those rights are exclusive to American citizens...hmmmm....I keep looking but...


Because...the Bill of Rights refers not to what citizens of ANY country can or cannot do but what OUR federal government can or cannot do to any citizen of any country...YES ! even Mexicans!

Fair and speedy trial is a right for EVERYONE in the world under our judicial system.

Prohibiting torture and cruel and unusual punishment is to protect ALL citizens of the world against OUR government.

Military vs. Civilian? This is our opportunity to show that in the face of 9/11, where most countries would have curbed or eliminated civil rights, we maintained our principles (for the most part, except for Cheney's torture obsession).

The old BS neoconned slogan of "you're either with us or against us" needs to go away for good.

Bruno the Italian Dog, Brown U. Med School or c/o Dolomites Social Club, Providence, RI


My comment has nothing to do with the subject which is very important and complicated. However, since I'm in a cage here at the Brown Med School it matters little to me since, if there were another terrorist attack, I couldn't escape anyway; thanks to you. I realize this is a selfish view but I have nightmares about it and the whole subject of jihad is something I avoid. At one time, before you caused me to lose my mascot job, if there had been an attack here in Providence, I could have lit out across the athletic field. But no more.

No, what wanted to say was this: regarding the Tea Party people. Do you know what happens to Tea over time? It turns to Urine. Believe me, I know what I'm talking about, having sniffed countless trees, hydrants, and mailboxes in my lifetime. The tea component in the fragrance is unmistakable.

And I detect the visual component in the frowning pis*y faces of the protesters, too selfish, even, to pay taxes.

I have no doubt that the Tea Party people will turn to pi*s. I just thought I'd discuss the group from my unique perspective.

Thanks for giving my views an "airing".

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