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Friday, 26 February 2010



So you support the Democrats idea to remove the antitrust exemption for insurance companies? Why not say so?

Tommy De Seno

Yes gw307, I certainly support making insurance companies play by the same rules you and I have to play by.

By the way - the vote in the House was 406 to 19 in favor of removing the anti-trust exemption. Not sure why you call it a Democrat idea. That's about as bipartisan as Congress can be.


Good analogy...except that even when you "win" the bet, you actually lose. The odds are not even, for if they were that would be fair.
You bet you are going to get sick and need health care and when you do, they come back with, "Oh...you didn't see the disclaimer...that's a pre-existing condition/out of state/not a required procedure/not covered/only out of pocket/etc."
The delivery system IS the problem. Change it or eliminate it.

Tommy De Seno

I agree with you Goffredo. The more a policy is removed from straight indemnity, the bigger the "claims departments" get. You want to see fraud and waste? Look at an insurnace company claims department.

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