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Thursday, 03 December 2009



'ey, Goombah!

It makes sense you'd side with the party crashers. This is just the kind of guido cafone behavior you claim to deplore. You can take the boy out of Belmar but you can't take the Belmar out of the boy. The real deal is you approve anything that causes a problem for the President. Have another sausage sandwich.


I completely agree with you... first of all, everyone has forgotten that not only is the White House the people's house... but that our tax dollars PAID for that food... pay the salary of the president and the secret service... and even pay the salary of the congressmen. We paid for that party... why is this so difficult for everyone to understand? A couple of "mere commoners" did the president a FAVOR by proving that not only is the Secret Service lagging behind in their "intel" but they assisted him with the PR he's always trying to pull off (that he understands what the middle classes are going through... give me a break... you and your wife make well over 6 figures a year and probably more... I doubt you're "in touch").

This is ridiculous and honestly if any prosecutor is even considering charging these people with anything, he should be disbarred... and to those who say "what if they had had a bomb?" - really? There are "What Ifs" for everything in life and we can't make our decision based on the what ifs. We have proof that if we do make decision based on what ifs - people freak out (aka - President Bush's so called eavesdropping on citizens phone calls).

Give it up people & let the Salahi's be. You're giving them 15 mins of fame... but at the same time too much money is being wasted on a bogus investigation of a case of party crashing. We could be paying off our national debt with this money...


For those who beleve no crime has been comitted I offer this from the Secret Service laws. I will not even get into the Homeland Security laws which so many do not yet seem to recoognize.

(1) Under the direction of the Secretary of the Treasury, officers and agents of the Secret Service are authorized to.....

make arrests without warrant for any offense against the
United States committed in their presence, or for any felony
cognizable under the laws of the United States if they have
reasonable grounds to believe that the person to be arrested has commited or is committing such felony;

Whoever knowingly and willfully obstructs, resists, or interferes with a Federal law enforcement agent engaged in the performance of the protective functions authorized by this section or by section 1752 of this title shall be fined not more than $1,000 or imprisoned not more than one year, or both.

I believe that penetrating Presidential security without an invitation and for self benefit is interfering If they made false statements to agents in order to breach a security point, that would be another serious offense. If the Bravo Network encouraged this action, they also could be guilty of an offense.

This is no joking insignificant matter. There are poisons which can be applied to the hand, which take up to a year to kill any people you have shaken hands with. There are no antidotes or treatments for these poisons. Those affected will die a horrible, slow death.

Do you still think this is all funny? Could we explain a State Dinner which turned deadly for a foreign leader? Sorry folks,don't feel bad. Our President died too.... not funny in my view of the world.......


Fine, Let anyone get near the President,but if something horrible happens, they can't be charged with trespass, right? The writer of this story is an idiot.


If you're referring to Thomas De Seno, he may indeed be an idiot but the salient point is that his hatred of Barack Obama trumps every other consideration he might have. This could be the case even if he were intelligent.

Here you see him siding with criminals. I fear that he perpetuates the negative stereotype of Italian-Americans as stupid, vulgar, ill bred people, something he cannot be in favor of even if his IQ is somewhere around room temperature.

BM Cupp

As a conservative, normally I agree with Tommy De Seno, but in this matter, it could very well appear that he is insensitive -- to say the absolute least -- to the physical harm that could be inflicted upon Barack Obama, President Of The United States, by unauthorized persons entering the White House.


I'm not sure what you all are arguing about? Agreed, this could be incredibly dangerous for the world leaders if just anybody is wandering in...but isn't that the Secret Service's problem? (which is what Tommy said if you read the blog...)

I'm not a party crasher, and I can't relate to thinking that's a good time. But I don’t really see how it's a crime (unless there’s a no trespassing sign on the gate, and you got into the party by jumping the fence). You're right Tom, they could have slipped some poison in some drinks. They could have easily picked up a dinner knife from the table and made attacks on the world leaders. There are lots of things they could have done!!

But, they didn't. From everything I've heard, they just took pictures with people and generally partied. So if it can be said that they "interfered" with law enforcement as Roger suggested, than that is the only law they broke. It's not a crime to be near the president. It's not even a crime to be in his home. It's potentially dangerous, but the same can be said for you or me allowing someone in our home. It’s especially not a crime to have the potential to do something, as you are suggesting Tom. Just a heads up for you, Tom, if the Salahis had made an assassination/attempt on someone while there, it wouldn’t be a problem that we couldn’t prosecute them for trespassing…We’d be prosecuting for murder/attempted. I try not to be snarky, but since you called the writer an idiot in your comment with that brilliant logic…Common man, common.

The Secret Service should be sending the Salahis a thank you note, because it outlined what appear to be either serious flaws in procedure, or some particular agents that were not fully performing their duties (I believe the Secret Service is probably handling this in the right way, as they've put several agents on leave).

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