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Monday, 09 November 2009



OK...I'll bite...I don't have a keen legal mind like our BLOGMASTER, so if you would kindly explain for the DUH amongst us, I would be eternally grateful.

 The Great O

Bush was lambasted for finishing the reading of a book called "My Pet Goat" to a grade school class while being informed of the 9/11 attacks.

The same media did not even whisper about Obama's "Shout out" to Dr. Medicine Hat on the day of the Ft. Hood terrorist attack.


Thanks O...I had heard about the shout-out, I think at Drudge or Fox, but I didn't recall the name of the book Bush was reading 8 years ago...hell, I can't remember what I had for breakfast this AM


What's the comparison between 9/11 and the Ft. Hood massacre? I don't get it. 19 hijackers, 4 commercial airliners, nearly 5,000 dead, thousands other wounded vs. 1 lone crazy gunman on a military base with no way out??? (insert search for Obama's birth certificate here)

Was Obama in imminent danger and still decided to sit for 7 more minutes? Not sure but whatever you can do to blame Obama, I'm sure you will go to any length.

What's up with Fox News saying this is the biggest terror attack since 9/11? Are they jealous that 9/11 happened on Bush's watch and want Obama to have a scar as well?

The massacre at Virginia Tech (30 + dead), although a college campus which all universities are hated by Fox News and the Neoconned (truth-seekers are dangerous), would indicate that once again, Fox News attempts to politicize a tragedy. Bravo, neoconned, bravo. Stay classy, Jersey Girl.


I agree with Goffredo - you lot are world renowned for gunning each other down on a daily basis - the Fort Hood news story, as horrible and reprehensible as it is, came as no supprise or shock to the rest of the world.

We simply though, "Oh, another crazy gun nut in America"; now, my thoughts go to the familes of those who lost loved ones in this sad event - but to equate it to one of the worst terrorist attacks in the history of not just America, but the entire history OF THE WORLD, is sickening and degrading to both the American public and anyone who lost someone in the attacks.

You're biggoted attempt at ascerting such a thing is morally disgusting and I truly hope that whatever God you pray to judges you for it accordingly you sick and twisted little man.

You have done nothing more but lower the wirld view of American morality.

Jim Lavery

The point isn't whether the Ft. Hood attack was terrorist in nature or not--that is a separate argument. The point is that the current president came on live TV to address the attack and not only did he take five minutes to get to it he had to open his appearence by giving a "shoutout" (his words)to someone in the audience. How is that any different from the previous president's lag time in addressing a tragedy? The answer is one got reported and harped on while the other is virtually ignored.



I still don't get the point of the post. If when Obama was to give a press conference and the suspect had been apprehended, and in fact, at that point reported to have been killed, what imminent danger is left to address? When Bush remained idle for 7 minutes, America was still believing that we were under attack in 3 or more cities. The tragedy was STILL GOING ON and on a national scale.

I don't see the parallel but I'm sure if you listen to Hannity and/or Beck today, you will come up with some type of Da Vinci code-type explanation that you will report as factual.

To compare 9/11 to the Ft. Hood incident is intellectually childish and spiritually sick. But not a surprise...

Why didn't Bush come on immediately and address the Virginia Tech shooting? 30 plus people dead. By all definitions, the suspect was a terrorist.

Perhaps the delay for Obama can be attributed to his search for his birth certificate??

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