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Wednesday, 11 November 2009



Jersey Girl,

Spot on with this post. Just like "Cafeteria Christians" who are "pro-life" but yet murder doctors and send 18 yr olds to unnecessary war. Or "Cafeteria Christians" who vehemently oppose gay marriage but have gay anonymous sex in Minneapolis airport bathrooms. You hit the nail on the head: You wrote, "What is clear is that Islamic Jihadists are political, not religious. They pretend a rigorous religious commitment to incite others to fanaticism, but in reality they are religious fakers."

You can easily substitute Born-Again Christian for Islamic Jihadist.

And good point about Dick Cheney...errr...Muhammed Ali. Both men were cowards. VERY good point.
I totally get what you're saying. Thank GOD someone finally said it.


Wow, I didn't think that there was a way for a liberal to agree with a conservative and not still find a way to insert a liberal spin on the whole situation, and yet... I'm amazed at Jersey Girl's verbal acrobatic ability. It was all unnecessary, but I guess it's asking too much to expect a liberal just to concede a point, lol.


One sins against God; one does not sin against a particular religion. That said, all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. (Romans 3:23) To suggest that a sinner cannot be sincere in his or her faith is just plain foolish.

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