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Sunday, 11 October 2009


Miss Cowan,  HIgh School History Teacher

I think a degree of even-handedness and civlility are in order in our reactions to our President's accomplishment in receiving the Nobel Peace Prize. When George Bush, with pilot assistance, "landed": the jet on the aircraft carrier and announced "Mission Accomplished, there was another case of "What the hell has he accomplsihed?" Well, I sent him a letter of congratulations that very day, though nothing had been accomplished at all. He was our President and our when President, whoever his is, accomplishes something or nothing, I believe it is our civic and American duty to congratulate him.

It matters not that still nothing at all has been accomplished in Iraq execpt that the very meaningless death and bloodshed President Bush unleashed has been tamped down into hat-box, for who knows how long. But what of it? We are Americans and our indomitable spirit makes us see accomplishment where we find it, especially in this dumbed-down era.

The very same day I congratulated President Bush on his non-accomplishement in Iraq, I also congratulated him in not sending the fighter jet careeening into the carrier's conning tower due to incompetance brought about by his being absent so often for missions in a war he was supposed to be fighting. We were all thankful our President accomplished the feat of not turning thousand of our sailors into crispy-chips in an jet fuel fire and we told him so. In my case, I received a nice form letter of thanks.

At any rate, actual accomplishment, as Bush pointed out with "mission accomplished" is hard to come by. And we Americans like the lie. Actual achievement makes so many of us feel like failures and losers, especially since we never got the breaks and special treatment "other people" did that allows them to do something big.

Accomplishment smacks of eltism and Obama has already accomplished so much in his life -- Harvard, professorship, public service. We hate that. So it's only fitting we salute him for what he might do rather than what he did -- like Bush not protecting us from 9/11. We still congratulate him in restrospect that it wasn't worse.

This is the Nobel Peace Prize after all and it's a big deal to lots of unimportant peoples and nations, and though it purports to stand in the way of our military hegemony over them, it may in fact provide us cover.

So let's raise a glass to President Obama and stop being so mopey.

Troy a

Idiot. You that is, not the brilliant man who actually made something of himself and WON the prize. Sheesh.


To be honest, judging your child by your actions - I doubt he'll get an A his entire life.

See what I did there, I included your child in a personal attack on you, not fair is it?

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