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Thursday, 15 October 2009


The Gipper

Well, this is interesting and because DeSeno is an honorable man, let us assume it's EXACTLY as he said.

But it doesn't change the wider picture. What a horrible bit of deja vu this all must be for poor Rush Limbaugh. Once again, as in high school no doubt, the jocks and cool kids don't want to hang with the fat boy.

Do we have those kids back in Missouri to blame for this angry lady-tits a-flapping bigmouth, this obese clown spouting facile fascist provocations for spite and profit? Probably. Somebody obviously kicked this guys ass on a regular basis.

But maybe he was just as obnoxious then, and so had it coming. As he does now. Maybe the NFL doesn't want him around not so much because of "perceived" racism but because he has stirred up so much unpleasant feelings of all kinds in this land, because he jumped up and down with glee, his lipid-bloated wattles jiggling, when the President of the United States lost his bid to bring the Olympics, a sporting event after all, to Chicago. Or maybe it's because, as Rushbo said, he finds common cause with the Taliban. Football is supposed to be fun, after all, and that kind of talk isn't fun.

Maybe it's because when the President of the United States gave the order to shoot the Somali pirates, fat boy mocked him and and tried to turn it into a racial thing, saying George Bush would have been vilified for shooting three black kids. In other words, for Tubby, only a black homeboy can gun down his own and get away with it. Was that the issue? Or was the tanker captain freed? Had the President in fact taken the kind of decisive action Waddles was always saying he was incapable of?

Or maybe, since he was arrested twice for carrying and using illegal drugs, the NFL thought he was not a fit model for youth.

Anyway, once again Jumbo is not going to get to hang with the jocks. Maybe he can buy into a Taliban team, that game where they score goals by kicking the head of a goat downfield.

Rushbo has said many times that he loves to be reviled so he got his wish.


Amazing. The left has control of the White House, the Senate, the House and now they want to control NFL football? Really?


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