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Monday, 12 October 2009



Thank you, Tommy...that is a much needed history lesson in this day of liberal lies and hypocrisy. Hopefully it will be picked up by Foxnews and other websites. I am passing it on to all my friends


Great post, Tommy. It's also helpful to mention why the left hates Columbus...

After "finding" the America's, he later said, "Let Christ rejoice on earth, as He rejoiced in heaven in the prospect of the salvation of the souls of so many nations hitherto lost."

At the opening of his personal journal:
"Your Highnesses, as Catholic Christians, and princes who love and promote the holy Christian faith, and are enemies of the doctrine of Mahomet, and of all idolatry and heresy, determined to send me, Christopher Columbus, to the above-mentioned countries of India, to see the said princes, people, and territories, and to learn their disposition and the proper method of converting them to our holy faith; and furthermore directed that I should not proceed by land to the East, as is customary, but by a Westerly route, in which direction we have hitherto no certain evidence that any one has gone."

So there you have it. He wanted to see the souls of the Indians saved, and he believed Islam to be heresy. Who knew? I thought he just wanted gold and slaves?

Bruno the Italian Dog, Brown University, USA


Here you go with your Columbus Day rant again -- even bringing up the Brown crap again." Forget the idiots and hyppcrites" you say, when you and a few other cetrul's are the only ones bringing it up. Stuff a schooyadell in your mouth, wave the banner of smallpox brought over from Europe, and shut the fuck up. Either you're celebrating or not and you're not celebrating.

The Admiral of the Ocean Seas was a guinea asshole -- there, you feel better now?


Smallpox brought over from Europe...such a brilliant insult. Since Europeans were so knowledgeable of pathology, they obviously were intentionally using biological warfare to wipe out indigenous peoples.

Here’s an equivalent idea: those stupid Indians! They should have known to get their flu vaccines!

You’re an idiot, Bruno.

Bruno the Italian Dog,  Vivisection Wing, Brown University Medical School, USA


You're a drooling moron. Learn how to read. My issue was not with history but with De Seno's yearly breast beating about Columbus' martyrdom at the hands of the politically correct.

Here's a question, come to think of it. Who decided Columbus Day is an Italian holiday. When I was a child growing up it was an American holiday. Nobody went marching up and down the avenue with sausage sandwiches on October 12.

I can see how it happened. We Italian Americans looked around for one of our own to point to as major player in American history and who was there? Joe DiMaggio Day does not have the needed gravitas. Same for Rocky Marciano. Jerry Colonna, few people know. And Frank Sinatra Day, well...let's not even go there, with the problematic associations thereunto. So who you gonna call but a Genoese (notice I did not say Genovese) sailor who was financed by the Spanish Inquisition?

(And by the way, Jim, you are not too bright so please do NOT confuse Columbus with Joe Columbo, longtime confederate and sometime antagonist of the Genovese. We need not go into all that now, but take it from me, this is a sore subject for us.)

So let us raise a glass and shout a resounding 'Huzzah' to that spaghetti bending swashbuckler (and lover of Torrone nougat), Columbus, Admiral of the Ocean Seas.


This is incorrect.


It's a good job you don;t teach history isn't it?

Besides, most people understand that Columbus didn't discover America - Asian travellers had discovered it long before white people went and destroyed the country.

Anyway - look at it this way, rather than celebrating the 'discovery' of an already populated country, why not look at it as another example of white Europeans, (of which I am one), going to a country and then deciding to wipe out the people who live there becuase they don't worship the same God as you.

We've been doing it for years, and it's a fine tradition that the Americans have been keeping alive to this day!

Billy Bob

This is the most retarded article i have ever read.

Anonymous is Legion

Heh...this douchebag has obviously not read Zinn, since Zinn starts off using Columbus's words from his own log.

This moron (who also has obviously never written a history paper) says that the complaints about Columbus weren't in regard to his treatment of the natives...so why would de Bobadilla bring it up...unless the atrocities were noteworthy as atrocities in any era? Thanks for debunking your own argument, moron.

Finally, the most retarded aspect of this article (which says a lot) is trying to say that 500 men, women and children were "P.O.W.'s". Besides the fact that POW is a modern term with contemporary implications that had no similar meaning to do with 15th Century politics, the Spanish weren't "at war" with the Arawaks and their peoples had no political use as POW's but much value as the "servants" Columbus referred to in his own journals.

So, go take a flying fuck at a rolling donut, you uneducated twat.


It is amazing to observe how eloquent, moderate and enlighten are the people that will do any thing to deny one thing. God is real, Christ is real, His resurrection is real and the witnesses of his story are real. He was the only person in history that proclaimed to be God and prove it!

Aishah Bowron

Christopher Columbus is a murderer !. What are you banging on about idiot ?!. I don't care what you say ,. The man as known as Columbus is not a good guy hero as you think. He is the world's worst serial killer and should be included in books about serial killers. He enslaved, murdered and butchered millions of poor innocent Indians. The fucking bastard thought he was in the Far East because he has a brain of a pea. That bloody bastard Columbus should have been hanged for his crime. Please abolish Columbus Day and change it to Indigenous People's Day


Aishah Brown or Bowron is repetitive. But here it goes. If people want to celebrate Columbus Day, then let them. Columbus's 1st encounter with American Indians was friendly but the next groups he encountered were violent-Caribs who practiced cannibalism. As the Arawaks or Tainos killed his 39 soldiers, his experience changed. He didn't invent slavery-slavery was acceptable worldwide. As he was Italian, the late Warren H. Carroll mentioned that he wasn't respected by the Spaniards. He didn't want the administrator job, was poor @ it & the Spaniards often didn't listen to him so he couldn't control their behavior.

But in the long run, what the Spaniards did is the lesser of 2 evils. As to Indigenious People's Day, well the American Indians were primitive barbarians. They killed eachother for territory, practiced human sacrifices. Perhaps Aishah Brown or Bowron thinks running around naked & killing eachother land as the American Indians did is good, but I see it was bad. Yes, bad things did happen to th eAmerican Indians. But the Americas are a better place because the American Indians were defeated. Sure, Christianity has sometimes had a bloody history, but it's better than what was there before. Native Americans weren't noble, they were primitive barbarians but Whites (I'm not White) get condemned because the Whites won.

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