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Wednesday, 15 July 2009



Baed upon word count, only Senators Kohl, Feinstien and Grassley seem to think hearing from Sotomayor is more important. Overall the Republican Senators are the real 'gas-bags' averaging 2,548 words compared to the Democrats with 2,209. The Repubs need a healthy dose of humility seeing they do not represent the majority of Americans. Their constant focus on racism (especially the hypocrit, Sessions) looks foolish.


Interesting and revealing analysis. The endless speechifying and grandstanding is annoying but not surprising. I appreciate tough questioning but the condescending tone taken by some (like Graham) is shameful. I think the line of questioning indicates that there is little in Sotomayor's judicial record to assail and thus questions about her ethnicity and gender-ethnicity have dominated the proceedings.
On a larger scale, it will be interested to see just how much further the GOP paints itself into a corner in regards to future elections.

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