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Thursday, 30 July 2009



LOL...taken from two different angles and two different times in the pitching motion. You are brilliant, Jersey Girl. Keep up your intellectual prowess. You represent the NeoConned party very well.


Goffredo, the angles and points of the pitching motion are different, but that doesn't change the fact the Obama's form is greatly inferior. If you want to make an argument for Barry try something along the lines of "Why is pitching ability relevant to the job of President?" or "Who cares? Obama plays basketball." But trying to defend a pitch with both horrible form and a terrible result is a foolish strategy on your part.

But ya, I guess if you insult the writer's intelligence and his political affiliation, that will make your point too.

Sarah Bloch

Inferior? Two guys throwing a baseball. Was Kent Tekulve inferior to Goose Gossage because of the differences in their delivery styles? Oh, that's right the only real comparison being made here is white men to black men and white women. The latter in both cases you feel are "inferior."

I hope your kids and grandkids get treated by blacks and Latinos in their minority status years as well as you have treated blacks and Latinos in your lifetime.

Tommy De Seno


Where exactly is the racist part of this post? What am I missing here?


LOL...are you blind? Racist and sexist.

Two white men = superior form
one black man, one white woman = inferior form

Despite the fact that the pictures display different moments in the delivery and from different angles.

Who cares, Tommy? Facts don't matter to you guys anyway.

vance decker

Only a stupid idiot like you would post about sports. Clearly you've run out of insanity to post, and now you're scraping the bottom with your sports analogies.


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