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Tuesday, 17 February 2009



As an Italian-America I can relate to this article in more ways people can begin to imagine. Italians are never insulted ny stereotypes. Italians are too cool and secure with themselves, unlike negroes, jews and Irishmen. I was never insulted or vexed by the numerous movies and shows about Italian/ Sicilian mafia. They were entertaining, but hardly realistic. I was raised in Southern California during throughout the 70's and 80's. I never knew what a mafia was nor did I ever concieve the vaguest notion of crime in my culture and family. After seeing a movie like Godfather, my initial reaction was, "Who are these guys? I don't know any people like this." I never understood how Italians acquired that preposterous stereotype. Perhaps it was derived from a minor story in Italy and grew into mammoth proportions due to pop-culture. I'll never know for sure. But my message to others is if there are any Italian mafiosos in the world, and I doubt that there are any, 99.999% of the Italian populus is unlike those ludicrous stereotypes you see in movies hurled at such a prestigious heritage. The genuine charm of Italians is that they don't get offended at these trivial lies.


I think that the stereotyping of Italian Americans goes a lot farther than just alludments to the Mafia.There are a variety of images and attitudes some people have of Italians that is far from the fair fact of the matter.Some people state that Italians are sex-crazed, well if this is true it does not manifest itself on the statistics on rape.So if it is true it would be something of an personal matter.I cannot help thinking of the Irish Police
sargent who stated that he had a phobia that anytime he heard of a rapist he would immmediately think of an Italian as the typical suspect.Other statemnts of Italian are also available.

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To build a Mob Museum in Nevada ?! Really ... that's what he wants to do with OUR tax money...I just hate politicians with their crazy and personal ideas. Anyway, did he actually went with the plans and began building it ?


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These fictional movies are why the Italian aesthetic in the public consciousness has gone from real people like Da Vinci and Botticelli to fake people like Corleone and Soprano.

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