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Saturday, 28 February 2009



Cool post. I've been trying to convince all of my conservative friends we are dealing with Fascism, not Socialism. One example was Hillary's health care plan that made everyone buy a corporate health insurance policy (same as Mitt Romney's plan) http://alternativeconservative.com/2008/03/24/hillary-fascist-health-care That's not Socialism, it's Fascism.

The cool thing is if we could get everyone to identify what's going on as Fascism, we should be able to unite liberals and conservatives because liberals hate Fascism. Conservatives are making a big mistake by telling libs the bail outs aresocialism instead of fascism because that makes libs thing they're getting just what they want.

We need to point out the hand of corporate corruption and lobbyists. The problem is I get the impression some Republicans think that's okay.

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