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Thursday, 22 January 2009



I'm sure you will get a million responses to your offer. Too many man have been given NO Choice.

Jonathan, J.D., M.S.

Very interesting. Your position certainly has legal 'teeth' to it.


I am the father of an aborted baby and your article strikes very close to my heart. 5 years ago I was completely powerless to save the life of my unborn child and have suffered depression ever since. Unfortunately, I am a resident of Canada and I don't think you could help me here. I will just have to go on wondering what could have been.


It is unfortunate that I do not have a case for you. I debated the very topic to a friend who was attending law school at the time. This was close to 10 years ago and it amazes me that this is the first thing I have seen on the topic posted in a mainstream news medium.

This topic still skirts the real issue that abortion is taking away the "rights" of the child. I would like to see you take up the case that shows abortion is equal to murder.

Joe, Lodi CA

I am 100% pro-choice and would actually like to see your Father's Abortion been put in to law. If a woman is determined to carry her pregnancy to term despite her partner's objections, he should be able to legally renounce obligations to that child. Thats for bringing it to the mainstream!


I just came across your blog today and I love it! Thanks for posting about this issue. My brother-in-law's girlfriend was pregnant and they were both planning on having the baby until she decided she didn't want to be with him anymore. She flew to Seattle (we live in AK) to get an abortion at 6 months. My Brother-in-law was crushed! It was really hard for him. He has a daughter from his first wife so I think that maybe it was even harder already having a child and knowing the attachment. I know he would have taken the baby and raised it without his girlfriends help. Thanks for bringing this very important issue to light!! I hope something can be done about it.

Jonas' Dad

I actually fought a related case in court & lost. When my ex-wife & I seperated during her pregnancy, she would not allow me to be a part of the pregnancy or have any information regarding the unborn child's health, even though I paid all the pre-natal bills. I filed for seperate maintenace & for custody of the child before it was born, and I also petitioned for the right to informatin regarding the unborn child. I lost the petition for information on the grounds of Roe v. Wade. However, her "nastiness" towards me during pregnancy was one of the reasons I ultimately won full custody of the child when he was about six months old. "Lost the battle, but I won the war." As a side note, she initially wanted to give the child up for adoption, but she could not without my consent. Ironically, however, she could have aborted the child without my consent. Thank God, she never considered that. I can only imagine my devastation, if she had done this vs. the joy my perfect 4 yr. old brings me today.

Bowe Hoy

You are absolutely correct. A father has no voice or choice regarding the death of his own child - yet another hypocritical, twisted and moral reprehensive element of the "pro-choice" argument.

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I like to know all the Rights of the Fathers.

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Is a interesting post because the fathers have the same right that the mothers and is important and a necessity that they have a lot of knowledge in this problem.

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I hate abortions!!!!
abortion is cruel....I three years ago found I was pregnant. I have to say I did though in this possibility; because I didn't have money, my ex was not going to help me, he said that the baby has not his....Well it was very hard, but then I though, fuck!!
is MY BABY!!!!
God give him to me for a reason, so I keep him. Now I'm so happy, Jason has give me all the happiness missing in my life. He is a little, precious gift. I thank God I have him. If you are on a situation like this, please do not abort!!
You will regret it for life, I'm sure. I got nightmares only by thinking that I though in this possibility

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We are all hate abortions, but sometimes our life so crazy and we do not know where we can looking for a right solution...But my opinion is NO abortions. God love us and we gotta live.

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I don't know if this case gonna be closed soon..

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This situation should trouble everyone, not from a religious point of view, not from a personal choice point of view, but rather from an Equal Rights point of view.

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Wow!! All I can say is wow!! I completely agree with the fact that as long as we live in a pro-choice world both men and women should have a say what to do with their parenteral responsibility! I would love to see this go into effect. How can we push it????

my opinion

I would agree with you on all this except for my brother in law. He has 4 kids by 4 different women and he wants no responsibility for 3 of them! Just wants the one he has right now! Thats not even what bothers me about him! He gets women pregnant on purpose!!!!! He wanted no rights for 2 of his kids no child support, no visits but fought like hell to make sure they had his last name!!!
I believe you for the most part but in certain cases there should be special circumstances!!! Like the one i just said!!!

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Rade vs Wade ? wahat a strange combination!

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whatever our interests, our rights are undeniable and must be enforced in any circumstance

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