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Monday, 15 October 2007


Rick Ambrosia

Why can't an artist have a take on national politics. Why does it have to be the exlusive area of political pundits. Artist have just as many rights to speak out on their convictions as anyone else in the country. Why is it wrong to do so. Was it wrong of an actor to strive to be President? Shouldn't he have just stayed where he belonged. ( Although, I feel we would have been better off if he had, but that's another conversation) Do you say the same about Ted Nugent? Or is it ok because he spews right wing rhetoric instead of speaking out against this President, and all his failed policies. Bruce has been speaking for the little guy for 40 years now. Maybe he feels that that the little guy doesn't have his own say anymore and someone must step it up. I'm just shocked that he hasn't been labled un-patriotic yet...not by you...but by others that support this failed administration. I think we should encourage Bruce to keep it up and be as vocal as he can be. Maybe something will change for the better.


Bruce will not be silenced, he speaks his mind.

Son of Liberty


Barry Goldwater

Hey Tommy, check out today's blog post...since I know you are a fan of the animal rights people

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