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Thursday, 10 May 2007





Great article. And now that Craig has virtually dissappeared from 101.5, (I love not hearing his name mentioned and seeing the website...it's like he never existed!)I can tune in once again. Although Rossi is still a moron and Casey adds nothing to the show, sometimes NPR gets boring and I'm tired of tunes so it's better than hearing that obnoxious idiot wanna be Howard. I hope he fails miserably in NY...once people see through the bells and whistles, he's finished.

Lee B.

Now he's hit The Fan -
Chernoff is a moron..

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Erasmo "Ray" Rossi and his wife have owned a home in Manalapan since 1987. If you doubt me, check the online property records that are available on The Asbury Park Press' web site (Data Universe) feature.

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