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Sunday, 13 May 2007



If you're a conservative, why do believe in this war?

A True Conservative would believe that:

---The only way we should go to war is with a declaration of war, as stated in the Constitution. In fact, the only wars we have ever won, are the ones fully debated and declared by Congress, as it is their power in the Constitution. That way, the nation is truly behind the war. This insane 'authorization to use force' compels the kind of stupidity we had this week----with the Congress and the President playing games with war funding. If there was a declaration of war, there are no games, just funding.

---a True Conservative would believe that we should be going after Bin Laden first and foremost, not dicking around in Iraq that had no weapons of mass destruction and nothing to do with 9/11/

----a True Conservative would know that the real coalition in this war should have included the nations most threatened by Iraq----Saudi Arabia, Israel, Kuwait. Where are their armies? Where are their young men on the battlefield?

-----a True Conservative would know that three reasons we went to war in Iraq have been met:

-Remove Saddam Hussein---DONE!
-Make sure there are no WMDs --DONE!
-Establish a democracy--DONE!

So, why are we still there? Makes no sense to this TrueConservative.

Check your values. Maybe you're really a lib.

And that's not justified. Right.


Or maybe stop buying gas-guzzling SUVs?

don't cry about gas prices.

ever hear the saying, "you made your bed...?"


Thanks to the downward spiral of our nation, it only cost me $29.00 to fill up my SUV! The gas prices NOW are $1.63 in my town. I think she bottom'd out though!

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