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Tommy De Seno comfortably resides in the Conservative Wing of the Republican Party mansion, though he's often seen there sipping spirited libations in the Libertarian game room.

He is the last scion of Conservative thinking in Asbury Park, New Jersey, and the only person there brave enough to challenge Asbury's favorite son, Bruce Springsteen, on his "Born to Cut and Run" political views.

His column JUSTIFIED RIGHT appears every Thursday in the triCityNews, one of New Jersey’s largest and most controversial weekly newspapers.

His blog JUSTIFIEDRIGHT.COM tracks National and Global political issues, and for local flavor includes a special section just for the Jersey Shore.

While spending his day toiling on behalf of litigation clients at the law firm he founded, De Seno & Kunz, LLP, he still finds time to walk about the City By The Sea debating, and proving wrong, all sorts of IQ challenged political pee-wees such as Dummycrats, Green Party Pansies and the dimmest left-wingers on God's earth - Secular Humanists.

At home he and his traditional nuclear family of wife and four young children enjoy sports (as all real Americans do) playing music together and trying desperately to find any show on television that doesn't mention sex every 2 minutes.

Tommy is available for speeches on Political Topics or Current Events, panel discussions or debates, either in person or on radio and television.

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