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Monday, 13 September 2010


Bruno the italian dog, Brown Uinversity Medical School or c/o Bella Napoli Bikini Waxing Salon (next door to Angelo's Pizza, Providence, RI

Welcome back Tom -- and not a moment too soon! Here they come again -- Capone, Luciano, Johnny Torrio, Big Jim Colissimo, the most successful whore master of all time...even stone cold killer Frankie Yale (Franceso Ualio) and all of them struttin' down the Jersey boardwalk to boot!

"Boardwalk Empire" Sunday, tomorrow, 9pm HBO. They've done it again and hats off!

Lotsa talented Italian-Amiercan actors ( or stepinfetchits as you would have it) playing murderers and cafones! And even your old pal, Scorcese behind the camera.

And I can promise you, on this boardwalk they WILL shoot guidos.

So stack yourself a big mortadella sub, sit back and buon gusto, fratello mio!

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Sad news. One of the Italian-American "minstrel show" performers, one of your I-A "Stepinfetchits", Denise Borino Quinn, of Roseland, who played Ginny Sack onThe Sopranos , that show you watched repeatedly to definitively certify its negative impact on Italians, died of cancer at age 46. She worked in a nail salon. Without acting experience, she, as you know, turned out true and moving portraits of humanity.

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