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Thursday, 12 August 2010


Bruno the italian dog, Brown Uinversity Medical School or c/o Bella Napoli Bikini Waxing Salon (next door to Angelo's Pizza, Providence, RI

You, naturally, as the upstanding decent American you are, see MOST concerned with equality. Isn't that it? You find both games offensive. In other words, if there had been no guido game and you, on your way to a Republican rally, saw an Obama doll getting bopped with baseballs, you would have not found it amusing. You would have complained to the booth-guy and written a blog about it. Right.

But since the two games do exist, and equality is your of the utmost, why not put a bag over the guido;s head and let the two games roll on. You 'd still be able to see the wife-beater tee-shirt on the guido. so no comic flavor would be lost.

Or take the bag off the Obama and right next to him put a Bush head to get bopped with baseballs. End of problem.

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Sweet is the scene where genial friendship plays the pleasing game of interchanging praise. Do you agree?

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Sad news. One of the Italian-American "minstrel show" performers, one of your I-A "Stepinfetchits", Denise Borino Quinn, of Roseland, who played Ginny Sack onThe Sopranos , that show you watched repeatedly to definitively certify its negative impact on Italians, died of cancer at age 46. She worked in a nail salon. Without acting experience, she, as you know, turned out true and moving portraits of humanity.

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It caused such an uproar that the Asbury Park Press covered the story when the owner of the game, shamed by his own insensitivity, put a bag over the Obama mannequin's head.

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As the historical record indicates, Congressman Pallone waited for disaster and tragedy to strike before he moved to reign in the MMS. It took more than 20 years since scandal first struck the MMS and almost 90 days after the worst oil spill in US history for Pallone to show any sign of leadership on his committee. Note that on July 15th, 2010 Congressman Pallone finally issued a press release stating that he had approved legislation to “abolish the Minerals Management Service”.

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You 'd still be able to see the wife-beater tee-shirt on the guido. so no comic flavor would be lost.

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