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Monday, 12 July 2010


Bruno the italian dog, Brown Uinversity Medical School or c/o Angie's Pizzeria and Nail Salon, Providence, RI

Hey Tommy,

I'm amazed Switzerland won't listen to you. The last guy who was big enough and important enough to administer right wing purity tests, as you do, Goebbels, sure enough had them all ears, and even declaring themselves neutral. And here, now Switzerland is, according to you, our enemy. What's a li'l beige-shirt like you gotta do to be up there with the big righties? It must get you down. Especially since -- what? --only 16 people read your little stronzo of a blog? I mean, I do -- but I'm a dog.

Tommy, like I say, I amazed those fondue eaters won't listen to a right winger of your testes and perspicacity. Talk to them again. It's great you involve yourself with issues of such immediacy to you and your family. But on a related front? Don't ever worry you will run out of enemies. A feller like you won't always have to go looking to Basel to find people to be pissed off at. You'll never run out, which works since having enemies is what you live and breathe for.


Welcome back, Tommy....nice vacation?(this is your first post in about a month) When I saw this story this AM, I emailed several friends and said no one, not even the Swiss, respect us anymore and with BHO as POTUS, WTF should they? Euro-BS indeed.


Sorry I haven't seen this until today, busy time for me. I'm actually amazed that Switzerland won't extradite a convicted child rapist. I'd understand it if he were facing a possible death penalty sentence, and I somewhat respect that stance, but not in this situation. Aren't they at least a bit concerned that he's also free to prey on under-aged girls in their country (age of consent in Switzerland is 16)? His victim was *13*, three years younger than the age it's legal to have sex in their country. Aren't they at all concerned that he'll ignore the law on this matter no matter where he's living?

Bruno the italian dog, Brown Uinversity Medical School or c/o Angie's Pizzeria and Nail Salon, Providence, RI


I see where Bristol is back in the news in a major way, Why can you not get her agent and PR person?? Here you are toiling away in your cellar for your right wing principles and nobody reads you. Best you can get is a crumb from Uncle Roger over at Fox now and again, yet this little evangelical snow bunny is raking in the personal appearance 'scarole. Why must I be the only one trying to manage your non-career?

Tommy De Seno

Bruno, I promise you'll be wagging your tail at my next post. I gave it to "Uncle Roger" but I don't know if it will be run over there.

You will see it here.

Hint: It involves "Jersey Shore" and anti-Italian stereotypes.

Ruff ruff!


It's not there (Foxnews) yet, so why make the JR faithful wait?

ps. You'll never please liberals like Bruno so why bother trying?

Tommy De Seno

Remember JDS, Bruno is a dog, so we judge him on a lower standard.


No tommy, Bruno is a liberal, so we judge him on a lower standard. LOL


America - get used to people saying no to you, it's going to happen a lot moving forwards.

You've peaked, don't worry it happens to every super-power, (Britain before you, the Holy Roman Empire, The Roman Empire, The Persian Empire ad infinitum).

You've killed your economy by outsourcing and reducing production turning yourselves into a 'service' industry country, you've killed your international ties through war, (hell you can't even control Isreal any more!), and now you're sliding back down to just being one of the "international community".

It's not so bad, you don't need to worry about invading countries for resources anymore, (you won't have the money for it), you won't need to worry about people burning your flags anymore, (they simply won't be bothered by you) and you certainly wont need to worry about being attacked - I'm sure China will be able to keep you safe, (it's looking after your money just fine).

Sure, they may need to send a few "peace keeping" troops to ensure that no one invades and the like - but I'm sure that they'll treat your citizen's with the same respect and dignity that you've treated all your wards over the years.

It'll be a fun transition, but in twenty years time I'm sure everyone will be doing just fine.

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Sad news. One of the Italian-American "minstrel show" performers, one of your I-A "Stepinfetchits", Denise Borino Quinn, of Roseland, who played Ginny Sack onThe Sopranos , that show you watched repeatedly to definitively certify its negative impact on Italians, died of cancer at age 46. She worked in a nail salon. Without acting experience, she, as you know, turned out true and moving portraits of humanity.

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