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Sunday, 06 June 2010


Tom Petters

These arguments by Scott seem pretty persuasive to me. Come to think of it, political courage and leadership has declined pretty dramatically in America since the rise of blog-assassination-journalism.


What a complete jackass. "I'm too smart to answer questions of such importance to the "little people".

Adding insult to injury, he then claims some bs high road for copping out. No political courage found here. Just more of the same bs that got us into this mess.

Saul Nathanson

Jack Assery, Sounds like you have named yourself appropriately. Perhaps you are too busy playing video games to bother spending five minutes reading a candidate's website so that you can hear him address questions in his own words. Or perhaps you think we can pull the country out of this financial hole by answering a yes-no question about homosexual marriage.

James Hogan

This is an interesting response from Scott for so many reasons. First, he hits the nail on the head as to what I believe is the biggest problem with getting honest right-leaning politicians elected - that is right leaning voters seem more likely to be single issue type voters from my experience - either pro-lifers, pro-2Aers, anti-immigration, anti-IRS/taxcode, etc - I'll admit that I have seen no scientific polling or facts to back up my claim that right leaning voters are single issue votes, just my personal experience from talking with many many voters over the past few years.

Second, Scott rightly notes that any and all responses are going to be turned into sound bites, press clips, quotes, etc that are out of context and used to inaccurately reflect his real opinions/beliefs. Scott may or may not have the money to defend himself but if he even has to defend himself about Holt/Pallone/etc then he's already on the losing end of the battle. Not to mention, if he's spending money defending himself against inaccurate information, then he's not spending money attacking Holt's actual positions.

Third, and the last thing I'll note although there is more wisdom in his reply, is that he rightly notes that seasoned politicians in Washington like Holt and Pallone have done NOTHING but practice replying to such honest questions with as dishonest and disconnected of a reply as possible. At their townhall meetings, Holt and Pallone never directly answered questions, that would be political suicide and they know it. They have practiced and built years of experience to NOT reply to such questions. I do believe that Scott has made his beliefs known and clear through his actions and campaign events, so I have to say, I think his reply shows that he can do battle with the non-answering Holt/Democrats who have also made their beliefs known without saying a word.

Tommy De Seno

Saul - Is there a question about homosexual marriage in the questionnaire, or is the question presented really about something else?

M Laffey

Scott has given the absolute correct response and I applaud him for his intelligence.

All these sound bit quizzes do is provide publicity for well meaning bloggers.

I urge Tom to take down the answers of the other candidates so they can not be used against any who make it past the primary.


Actually Tommy, there's 2 questions about it, since you repeated questions 5 and 6...
5. Do you support or oppose the government having the power to disallow homosexuals marrying?

I believe in marriage between one man and one woman only.

6. Do you support or oppose the government having the power to disallow heterosexuals marrying?


...I copied David Larsen's answer now I just noticed his ambivalent answer to #6, and you endorsed him!!!

Tommy De Seno


Those questions #5 and #6 aren't really about marriage, they are about something else.

I put them together for a reason - as I suspected, some candidates treat them exactly the same, but some see them differently.

A fascinating topic to discuss, if we get around to it someday.

Tommy De Seno

Hogan and Laffey - I address your comments in my most recent post.

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...I copied David Larsen's answer now I just noticed his ambivalent answer to #6, and you endorsed him!!!

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...I copied David Larsen's answer now I just noticed his ambivalent answer to #6, and you endorsed him!!!

Tom Petters

So Scott, having to navigate through the attacks and harmful barbs of Tommy and the litmus test wing-nuts, falls short even as he chops Holt from +32 to +6. And now what have you got? More Rush Holt. Enjoy.

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