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Tuesday, 08 June 2010



"All science is open for study and government should not restrict any nor promote any as being more correct than the other. I do believe personally that science cannot explain everything and by its own growth over time proves this by disproving its own theories and conclusions. Good scientist recognize this an accept the potential for other possibilities."

That one statement pretty much sum's up people's ignorance to scientific method.

Firstly, creationism is not science, by definition it can't be, (since it does not allow for the possibility of being wrong).

To assert that science cannot explain everything because, "its own growth over time proves this by disproving its own theories" is utter lunacy.

Of course science changes over time, that's the WHOLE POINT of science - we use the technology and ability of the time to try and understand the world around us; to believe that a scientist working in say, C13 would have the same facilities open to them that a C21 scientist does and as such should have come to the same result is a pathetic misuse of trust this man clearly has, (as an elected figure).

Creationism states that through ID a creator made the universe; which is fine, I have no problem with people believing this, it's your right to do so and I wish you well with it.

However, to try and shoehorn it into science, a practice which requires observation, peer review, further ongoing observation and little things called, "facts", is utterly disgusting and very much offensive.

Where is the peer review for ID? Where are the facts for ID?

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