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Thursday, 03 June 2010



This guy seems very anti-family, he seems to hate the Christian value of marriage very much.

He doesn't even bother aswering the second part of question seven, I guess he doesn't have the answer - fair play no republican seems to why should he be any different?

Nor does he even bother with question 12.

Again, by consitutional knowledge is a little rusty - can someone please explain to me how campaign donation applies to the First Amendment, as it sounds like he's just using the straw man "It's our First Amendment right to xxxx", where xxxx is whatever the hot topic of the day is.

Also, I thought the Constitution stated clearly that there is seperation between church and state? Surely he can't champion one part but say the other is not correct? (Unless I missread that and he's bemoaning the state of affairs regarding this?).

Interesting to see the guy has the balls to state he should be allowed to discriminate against people he doesn't like - not may politicians would say that, (ones who thought they had a shot at high office anyway)..

Hat's off the guy, as always I disagree with nearly everything he said, but at least he had the guts to do it.

Any chance you're going to fill in the form Tommy?

Tommy De Seno

Will I answer the questions?

No need to show up the candidates ;-)

Actually I'm hoping that after the primary next tuesday, everyone identifying as Republican/Conservative/Libertarian/Tea Party answrs the questions, just for fun.

truth B told

I like Justin Murphy, he is a navy veteran, endorsed by NJ Right to Life PAC, As well as the NRA. He is well versed on the issues and the laws of the land including the U.S. Constitution. Mr. Murphy will be a breath of fresh air at the hill. Read his congressional pledge on justinmichaelmurphy2010.com it is very impressive. Justin Murphy is a strong voice for THE PEOPLE, isn't that why we go to the polls to vote.


Anyone know what happened to the justinmichaelmurphy2010.con website?

I would like to say I like him, but I have been having a hard time finding info about him, and with the primary in a few days, that doesn't lend well.

Christine Germann



A technical glitch caused his site to be unavailable for a few hours. One of the two links above will take you to his site.

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...I copied David Larsen's answer now I just noticed his ambivalent answer to #6, and you endorsed him!!!

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