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Saturday, 05 June 2010


Bruno the italian dog, Brown Uinversity Medical School or c/o Angie's Pizzeria and Nail Salon, Providence, RI


Your ripostes to Helen Thomas, no matter how one feels about what she said, are the work of a moron.

I was going to send you my left-over Alpo because I'm getting the feeling you are not gainfully employed -- how much gelt could there be in this vercockta little blog you write and no one reads? -- but the hell with it. You get nothing from me.

michael thomas

Whatever one thinks of her comments, Helen Thomas never interjected her personal views into her journalism. She was one of the great great journalists of her generation.


vibram five fingers

...I copied David Larsen's answer now I just noticed his ambivalent answer to #6, and you endorsed him!!!

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