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Wednesday, 02 June 2010


Hope Fusco

Great questions! Who wrote them?


Great publicity stunt.

You have taken a number of highly complex questions and devolved them to soundbites that the opponents of these politicians can now take and twist around to use against them in the general election.

Nice going!

Tommy De Seno


Politics 101? The less a candidate says the better? As soon as you take a position you offend someone so avoid taking positions?

I always believed that too, even though Limbaugh and others would point out repeatedly that it wasn't Reagan's way.

Reagan knew that our positions were better than theirs - that if we put them out there we gain more voters than we lose.

This year in particular, I believe that. Every pollster is saying this year message is more important than other years.

So I did struggle with doing this, but ultimately decided that putting the message out will win in this environment.

Think about it - anytime we tried to run lackluster moderates on the state level - we lost. Then came Chris Christie. We won.

Tell the RINOs to stand down and let the conservatives have a go at it!

Rick Ambrosia

Well, I can tell you...I'm certainly not a conservative!

Tommy De Seno

Rick fill out the questionnaire. Maybe you are;-)

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