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Sunday, 18 April 2010


Tory Bug

All I've seen of the show are clips on "The Soup" making fun of it. Maybe Steve was hearkening back to the days he went to the Shore and hung out with women and men of questionable moral character. There are some of those in every category of human.

Bruno The Italian Dog, Brown University Medical School or c/o Angies Pizza and Nail Salon. Providence RI


Though I am not a psychologist, I can answer your question. I am an Italian/American/Weimaraner mix. The reason Steve can find "camaraderie" with these fictional characters is that he feels secure about himself as a man and an American. People like yourself, who are so habitually hurt and offended by these imaginings deserve our pity, and I am sorry to say, perhaps our disgust. I fear that you in fact are ashamed of your heritage and perhaps even contemptuous. One detects -- and God I hope this is not true -- a closeted self-loathing.

I said I was not a psychologist and here I've gotten all psychological on your ass. However, I do know quite a bit about human nature, I have Ital, DNA, and, as you know, for many years I held a fairly high position at Brown -- though I'm sure for you, this last part of my resume is a deficit; you might call me an Ivy League elitist, though, again, this may have more to with your own grudges, resentment, and lack of self worth.

Whether you agree with me or not -- Tom, can you please cut one part of the bullshit? Michelangelo was Italian, not Italian American. I see this so often with you anti-def hobbyists -- the Italiano Grande name dropping. Leonardo, Dante, the guy who invented fettuccine Alfredo...their glory does not accrue to us. And, even going along with your thinking -- exactly which great works did our Southern Italian forbears create? Was your grandpa Tuscan? Florentine? Venetian? If the answer is no, please -- put a calzone in it.

We come from simple people. Poor people. Enough said. We're not of the elite. Right, my Tea Party paisan?

I never hear the Irish in America claiming James Joyce shines any glory on them. Nor do I hear WASPS positing that Philip Marlowe in any way says anything about their ethnicity, history, or accomplishment.

Should we be blamed for Mussolini? Please, be proud of US.

Tommy De Seno

Et Tu, Bruno? Never have you been so hard on me personally. So much for man's best friend and all that. I fear you may have a bit of pit bull DNA, my mutt.

The dictionary recognizes "comradery" as a colloquial form of "camaraderie." Were you not so consumed by reading about how great is the Ive League you might have time to read the dictionary. Priorities.

I am Napledon and Sicilian. Have I no great ancestor of whom I can be proud?

Bruno The Italian Dog, Brown University Medical School or c/o Angies Pizza and Nail Salon. Providence RI

I don't know. You tell me! Why don't you mention them? Wait there is -- you know who. With the Blue Eyes. But then you get into that "connected" problem. Drat. Hmm.

And Tom, I was using the French spelling. Further proof of my elitism, and perhaps, by your lights, my lack of patriotism.

But Tom, answer my question? If we can bask in the glory of Tintoretto should we also be blamed for Mussolini? Savonarola?

One last point -- of course no real LCN guys killed someone every week. Neither did Tony, fact. Tom, we're not going to let you watch Apocalypse Now anymore because there was no real Colonel Kurtz up the river in Vietnam. LIkewise, It's A Wonderful Life. No real savings and loan employee ever did such a huge turn around as George Bailey. So you're off the list at Netflix for that selection too.


Tommy, I like you, but I think you are being way too sensitive here. I'm not Italian myself, but I did grow up in New Jersey. Accordingly, I have HUNDREDS of Italian-American friends. Indeed, my life is so much better because of the Italian-American friends, teachers, priests, employers, etc. in my life. Incidentally, not a single one of these people -- or their family members, for that matter -- are, to my knowledge, involved in any sort of criminal activity.

Friendly advice from an Irish-American-Catholic fan of yours: Lighten up! Precious few belief the stereotypes.

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