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Wednesday, 07 April 2010


Tory Bug

Other than political posturing on Grayson's part, there's really not much of a story. The man is allowed to express his beliefs, even to the point of refusing to treat a patient. I had a doc who once refused to prescribe birth control pills to me, kind of ticked me off, because she did all the other female health related stuff. I can't imagine I was the first person she'd refused to write that prescription for, and I finally broke down and found an OB instead of using my family doctor. It ticked me off, but that was mostly that I went to the wrong doctor for what I wanted. My fault, not hers. She has the right to choose who she does business with, just like everyone else.


look who it is, Tommy de Seno, the birther fruitcake who thinks that Obama was born in Kenya!

What's wrong? Fox finally get embarassed and stop running your column? Doesn't look like anyone really reads your website.

Tommy De Seno


You'll have to post a link to my saying Obama was born in Kenya. Go spend the rest of your life trying to find one.

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I wondered why Grayson wasn’t filing an ethics complaint against his barber.

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