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Tuesday, 27 April 2010


Pete in Puyallup

Isn't amazing that what Jim Florio was able to do to NJ and he was responsible for the illegals getting drivers licenses so they could vote went for a long time and nobody had the guts to change immigration laws but when Arizona finally does the right thing the same boneheads are afraid they may lose votes. I am sorry that we have allowed this to happen but am glad that maybe we will go back to the old days when we regulated immigration and didn't let this crap happen.

Donna Tucker

Just when I thought no one got it! Excellent article about cartooning Mohammad OR Piss Christ.

The bottom line of Christianity is love and forgiveness while the bottom line of Islam is honor and revenge.

Ralph Stice wrote a great book "From 9/11 to 666" about Islam but from a loving view of Muslims themselves....still shows the agenda and methods of this rising religion. Donna Tucker

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casque monster

Wall Street Journal are from uber-liberal Senator Chuck Schumer!! But he wasn’t talking about Arizona’s law. He was talking about his own proposed law.

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