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Monday, 22 March 2010


Wendy R. Dirkheim

Dear Mr. De Seno

I am a Tea Bag party member and as you know our anthem is "I Want to Be Sedated" by The Ramones. I want to be sedated. How do I get qualified and get it paid for on the new health plan? I am currently unemployed the last 16 years.


You all should be celebrating. Private health insurance companies will get to bid for the 32 million policies. Kind of like Lending Tree. Wait? How can I even be typing this? Armageddon was supposed to have happened today. All of the hospitals and doctor's offices were to close, all nursing schools were to be suddenly shut down...WHAT IS HAPPENING???

Wendy R. Dirkheim

Dear Mr. De Seno

I feel I should explain that the reason we Tea Bag Party members have adopted the Ramones "I Want To Be Sedated" as our anthem is because we can't stand to see this Socialist holocaust come to pass. We'd rather be sedated. Also, we "can't control our fingers, we can't control our toes, oh, no, no, no, no no" as Joey Ramone sang so eloquently. For some of us it's because we are stupid, almost to the point of being handicapped. For others, we are just so furious. For others of us, the fingers in question are those clutching the Devil Dogs and Buttered popcorn we love to shove in our mouthes nonstop, making us obese.

How we afford to be so fat is a puzzle since , as we keep telling the Fascist Socialists in the White House, we are being taxed to death. My husband has had to cut back on weekday use of his 18 foot bass boat and 250hp Johnson.

At any rate, we are embarrassed to realize after the fact that sedation, especially through IV, is a medical process and an expensive one to boot. And now those Democranazis in Congress and the WH will tell us who can be sedated and who can't and who has to do the sedating. It's just so awful.

Wendy Dirkheim

PS --can you tell me if my Jenny Craig program is covered?



I'd like to know what makes this Health Care Reform bill socialist?

Next, are you also against Public Schools, US Post Office, Highway Departments, Fire Departments, Police Forces and the US Military?

You use the word socialism to scare people but I have a feeling you don't really know what it means or how to apply it to the health care reform bill. I'd also be curious to see if you can pick out the GOP created concepts that are in this bill, yes they are in there.

We are all Americans. We can have spirited debates but when we divide ourselves like this we are not helping the strength of our country.


What makes it socialistic is the FACT that the Government has the right to mandate what insurance that we will have to carry. If they are not for the plan that we have forget it.PENALTY not tax[I really don't know what the difference is]. Entitlement still will not guarantee the poor will have health insurance. What it does guarantee is that Barack Obama has the absolute power to run your life.


Wrong. Nowhere is it written that they will force you to buy a particular health insurance. It's an exchange like Lending Tree where the insurance companies will bid for your business.


Looks like the Democrats have taken a page out of the Republican playbook on healthcare. Republicans came up with the government mandate back in the early 90's. You guys always come up with the good ideas! :(

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