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Wednesday, 31 March 2010



Damn glad to know you Tommy! Givem' hell.

Tommy De Seno

Thank you Rich! Keep coming back to comment and we'll give 'em hell together!

Pete Newcomb

Well done. Keep up the good work. The fact that the media has become so biased that it forces us to go elsewhere for honest commentary is criminal and the printed page with only a few exceptions deserve to go out of business and many of the networks fall into this dilemma.

wendy dirkheim

Deear Mr. De Seno

I'm with you all the way too. killers for christ are not political! when is the lame stream media going to get hip to itself? Killing cops is not a political act! Okay, when the black panthers wanted to kill cops it was a political act but this is different. these people are white decent americans who bought their weapons with their own hard earned money, not with welfare checks. they could just as easily have decided to kill milkmen or veterinarians. they want to kill the institution that PROTECTS and SERVES the government, not the government itself! they're killers for christ! and even though it was government that killed christ (ie rome and pontius pilate) this should in no way be seen as retribution. anyway, actually it was you-know-who who killed christ, I'm not mentioning any names. anyway, congrats. keep up the good work defending right wing death squads!

wendy dirkheim

Dear Mr. De Seno,

NOw I'm confused. It said in the paper the Hutarees DID want to attack the government. The leader, Stone, was quoted. So it is anti-government feelings and maybe they were stoked on by American-thinking leaders like Sarah and others? In other words, it doesn't seem to be religious as you said, but seems to be actually political. Is that bad?

wendy dirkheim

Dear Mr. De Seno,

I'm sorry but this thing has me buffalooed. You said the leftist media were like Prada because they say the Hutarees are right wing. But I never saw the Hutarees talk about collective farms or workers paradise or Marx or what have you. So they're not left wing are they? IN other words, what else could they be but right wing? They sound like some of the things Sarah says. This seems to me it could reflect badly on us conservatives doesn't it? I wish they never existed. Do you agree?


Don't use logic here, Wendy. Jersey Girl and other Republicans hate facts and logic. No need for that nonsense when Jesus has your back.

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Any honest journalist would refrain from infusing a report about the group with words that would suggest a political leaning one way or the other

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