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Monday, 05 October 2009



I am in high school and can write better than you. Your over-generalization is as harsh as that of the "lefties." I am a Democrat and have absolutely no problem with Palin's quote. She made a good point. But your rebuttal lacks any sort of value. Chicago is a very diverse city, claiming that his statement falls under the category of racist is ridiculous. He is not "anti-rural." He values the town he lived in for many years. This form of bickering is remarkably childish. I am not surprised in the least to only find your article on Fox News.

Mike Brown

I guess the difference is that the media knew Palin was an idiot.


love your article! plain and simple!


have you considered changing the name of your site to phuckingmoron.com? i think it would be more apt, and draw in the audience you're looking for with this type of BS commentary.

Nicholas Howard

Wow, you really missed the point. Palin was using her words as a weapon. The country was in the middle of an election. She was trying to convince small-town voters to reject the Democrats as "un-American". It was negligent and self-defeating. Obama was making a pitch to an external agent, arguing that Chicago was representative of America (which it is, small-town personalities in a big-city atmosphere).

I live in Washington, DC and I'm an American. I subscribe to Jon Stewart's comment.

Jon Stewart



Frank:>>I am in high school and can write better than you<<

Says it all. It is a wonderful comparison to the "annointed one" you defend and serve. Although, Obama at least sounded a few years older when he touted that "he won the presidency" and because of his "winning" that means the United States will be united, prosperious, peace will reign on the earth, and all of us will be united both in the political realms as well as the social, economic, and religious one's too! Too bad it was just a pipe dream based on empty rhetoric and cracker jack history making! This country is losing jobs faster than Obama's approval ratings. There's a divide among races, political, and religious sects in this country that's bigger than the Grand Canyon and the man that once touted he would rise above the partisan politics has sunk so low to the left, this country will be taxed, inflated, and broke by the time his agonizing four years will be up and left down stream! He'll make history all right!


I hope that you are simply ignorant rather than as malicious as this essay seems to claim. What part of the country is anti-American or not "real America"?

I lived for five years in Philadelphia, there were kind, good, and courageous people there. There were teachers, factory workers, and soldiers from Philadelphia. Why were they any less American than those small towns Palin referred to?

Obama was pitching his city for the Olympics, it was not a campaign speech. If you can't tell the difference between the two you're either an idiot or ignoring the facts.


I agree with the highschooler. I can't believe any of the rhetoric I've heard from any politician. Ever. If you do, you're really kind of stupid and naive. Drug companies, insurance companies, and the military run this country. So bashing one horrible president or the last doesn't help anything. People just like having someone to hate. It's disgusting. Being current in politics is pointless when anything you hear is propoganda.

Find me one honest politician, and I'l bet they hold a local office.

Ortho Podd

Also pefectly okay with the Libtards and corrupt biased media was when Michelle Obama said the south side of Chicago was the real America. And while that statement doesnt bother me at all, I DO think it was a racial statement by Mrs. Obama. It is just so incredibly obvious that "the fix" is in for Obama and his far-left comrades and against conservatives like Palin; I dont see how ANYONE could miss it.

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