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Wednesday, 30 September 2009



Welcome back, Tommy...I was afraid Goffredo or one of the other idiots at this site got to you.

Tommy De Seno

Thanks JDS. Like interferes with writing :-(

Eric P

I, too, wanted to say, welcome back! And you are correct, medicare and the like, do support those who are unable to compete anymore. Expanding that out to everyone else is to eliminate competition and thus drive up costs. In a single payer system, the old way to cut costs is to ration. And who decides what to ration, why the elitist government official or panel of course. Just like our friends in Britian. What a crock! Keep swinging, Tommy. Love the work.


Tommy, why did so many in the GOP oppose Medicare when it was first proposed back during the Johnson Administration?


Week arguments? I know you probably hate the New York Times, but please read this article. If you are a true political analyst, you do not mind reading articles written by the opposition.


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