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Monday, 17 August 2009



"Nac ew sey" sounds like, "Thank you Satan"...

Wow. Either you're phonologically deficient or you're spending way too much time with Glenn Beck (the REAL Satan).

Brilliant, Tommy. Another day of stellar journalism for you. Fox News would be proud of its # 1 lemming.

I wonder what "No WMD ever found in Iraq" sounds like played backwards.

Rick B.

Wow. You must not have listened to the clip. Its not about SAYING it the way its spelled backwards, its about the way it sounds PLAYED backwards, since the inflections & tones of specific letter combinations make certain sounds, just saying it written backwards is not the same thing.

I wonder what "Douche bag troll" sounds like played backwards.


Probably sounds a lot like, "Uneducated mindless right-wing fascist tool"...but then again, I'm obviously not as strong in Phonology of Meaningless B.S. as you evidently are.

"Douche bag troll"...you must also be from Jersey.

Still rockin' those stone-washed jeans with high-top white Reebok's while driving that 95 T-Top Camaro down the shoreline pumpin' Bon Jovi?

Stay classy, Jersey

Tommy De Seno

This is beautiful. Even though I say that it's just a bit of Pareidolia, I predicted that merely having some fun with it would enrage the ObamaBots.

Like clockwork here comes Goffredo! As if I took the Lord's name in vain by having some fun with Obama.


No, it has little to do with Obama. I just get frustrated at the lack of intellect. Simple as that.


Tommy, didn't you take the name of his god in vain? Lol, I recognized it as you just thinking it was funny. I think it's funny, too, in the way that saying the name Mike Hunt is funny. You even made disclaimers to that effect, and you had some genius proclaiming that Glenn Beck is Satan. Weird. It's like making a joke about how one of my co-workers eats fries over lunch, and someone trying to defend him/her by saying Yeah,well your momma does, too.

I watched the video, and got a laugh out of it, but not nearly as big a laugh as I got out of Big G, there. :)


Hehe, good find Tommy! Keep it coming!

And I thoroughly enjoyed the Goffretard replies... you keep 'em coming too so I can keep laughing!


When I heard it my first thought was "someone's tinkered with the sound bite" - until a friend brought in a recorder that would play backwards... we did "yes we can" and sure enough, got "thank you satan" when it was reveresed - so, tried "thank you satan" and reversed it - guess what? Yup - got "yes we can"... call it what you want... my ears surprised me tho!

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No, this stuff is true. I think I almost made it out of hell but didn't recognize enough. Having been an egregious sinner all my life, I am now most definitely paying the ultimate cost. Loss of everything. I have seen visions and labeled as psychotic, but nothing is as it seems.

A Concerned citizen

The only trouble is that most Americans believe one side is good and the other bad, Bush, Clintons and Obama has suckered you all into the NWO, you are all slaves, regardless of who you vote for the only solution is global revolution, which aint gonna happen unless our military separates from the state... I'm from UK, have no interest in America, just the fact the world has been suckered concerns me.
There is no Republican or Democrate, merely tool of enslavement for the same goal.

Spoken in the House of Lords UK 1st Nov 2010

Check out Fractional Reserve Banking, how it sucked up the world, Rothschilds loaned Ireland last year and see what happens...

Wake up, the money God has all of you by the balls

Joshua Cole

Regie Satanas! Ave Satanas! Hail Satan! P.S. Obama can suck a bag of dicks.

Joshua Cole

Regie Satanas! Ave Satanas! Hail Satan! P.S. Obama can suck a bag of dicks.




everyone is entitled to their own opinions,Daniel knows what he is talking about, Obama is part of the illuminati - but everyonne has become so blinded by wealth and all the pleasures of the world, that they have failed to see that the devil has been so cunning and has got them exactly where he eants them. those who dont believe it- im afraid you guys are just puppets in the devils show. go research illuminati, freemasonery. it may all sound like a load og BS, but really think about it an put things into perspective. i guess only th people who do have brains, wil figure it out for themselves....the rest of you.....may God have mercy on your souls!!!!!!

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