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Saturday, 01 August 2009



"should have begun"...yes, this was a classy move by Professor Gates but now he should apologize to Sgt. Crowley for calling him a racist for just doing his job.

Tommy De Seno

You are probably right on "begun" instead of began. Looked funny when I typed it, but I was on my way out to football practice and didn't have time to check ;-)


Are you kidding me? This guy does not want to let go. Give it up already. This is a case of someone seeing the limelight and doing everything possible to keep it going as long as possible, no matter who he needs to exploit. Why didn't he send the flowers two weeks ago? We've read it now. We've seen it now. Perhaps it's time for Gates to go back to his "top professor" job and do work that is more important than the boring rhetoric he's trying to keep alive. Come on.


He is not keeping it alive. He is closing it out - like blog entry said" "As it should have begun". The whole thing was a case of people saying and doing dumb shit. You make that better by doing the right thing. Then it is over.


Why wasn't the true hero in this saga invited to the White House.
Yes I mean, Lucia Whalen. In this day and age when we would like more citizens to step up and do the right thing, she did. Reporting a suspected crime, is paramount!

I applaud Lucia for "doing the right thing".

Maybe the White House, Cambridge police and Gates should recognize that and realize that their involvement is nothing, next to what Lucia did. They should all be thankful for citizens like her!!!!!




Term Paper

Hi Henry Louis Gates!You are a brave woman.I am always with you and also GOD.Don't worry.

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