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Monday, 20 April 2009



Tommy, you make very good point about Chavez and I know a lot about shake hands. It's one of my best tricks. But I got to say, pal, I hope you're happy. Due to your article, the trustees at Brown got all PC about the Italians and guilty and removed me as mascot of the school,; they sent me to the animal lab at Brown Med School. Personnel says it's no big deal but it's definitely going to mean a pay cut and God knows what other kind of cut. Thanks for nothing. Next time, when you blog willy-nilly, take a moment to think?

Tommy De Seno

Bruno you are hysterical! Is that you posing as me on the Fox website?


Tommy, I got no time for blogging, I'm just another mutt trying to keep his mast stiff. And I'd never go on Fox. Dogs dislike fox. Right now I'm busy packing up my office for my move to the med school. This is a sad day for me, I'm in no mood to be "hysterical" as you put it.

Joe Hadden

Tom, great post. I guess Obama was supposed to hit Chavez over the head with a baseball bat or something.

As we continue to dumb down our society, we lose an appreciation for diplomacy, intellect and words that have too many syllables.

Too many people believe that standing up for what you believe means standing with your arms crossed and your mind closed. You did a great job of showing how foolish such beliefs are.

As a disclaimer, I should note that being able to buy a Cuban cigar without going to Canada would mean a lot to me. So, if Mr. Obama wants to shake hands with Castro and lighten some sanctions...

Tommy De Seno

Hey Joe thanks for the compliment. I hope FNC runs this because so far it has gotten a good response locally.

Also, don't tell me a resourceful guy like you has to go all the way to Canada to get his Cubans! ;-)


You kind of stole my thunder. I had planned on writing a post on my blog very similar to this one. Then I found you had already done it. I guess I'll post a link instead.

Thanks for a good insightful post.


"According to the loons on the left, because Rumsfeld later worked in the Bush administration, it meant that President Bush owned and was responsible for everything Hussein did both before and after that handshake. That is perhaps the dumbest assertion the left has ever made, but it was pervasive, and it never went away. Gotcha Gotcha Gotcha!"

You misstated the argument. The point of that Rumsfeld thing was to show that Hussein was America's boy in the 80s, when the Great God Regan was in office. And if there was any concern about what type of weapons Saddam had, it was probably because we sold them to him.

I'm with ya on the rest of it. And of course, we all know now that the "diplomacy" employed by King George the Fabricator (aka Bush II) was more of a whisper than a yell. The Bush administration defined its own reality, then acted upon that definition. Hence, if I say sticking nails in someone's eyes is not torture, then I can stick nails in someone's eyes and say I don't believe in torture.

Tommy De Seno

Bill I ask that you favor me with a list of procedures that the Geneva Conventions say are torture. Please cut and paste them from there to this blog.

worried about israel

Have you caught a load of this creature at Atlas Shrugged, P. Geller? Right wing, okay, but this ex call girl gives all of us a bad name. With supporters like her, people will want to send Happy Ramadan cards to Amajinedad or whatever his name is. Please, reach out to this putz and tell her to take a permanent vacstion. In Haifa or whereever..

Men Over 50

Personally I'm not convinced that Obama can make many achievements for USA during his time as president.
What do you think about?


How can a President give an order to the troops to kill while saying, “I have not tried to talk to their leader to convince him of his errors. The photo-op would look politically bad for me, so just go kill his people instead.”


Chavez is an unpredictable politic so anything can happen when he appears.

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Whats the problem with a simple handshake, it doesn't affect our politic situation anyway.

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A handshake haves incredible symbolical weight so it's part of a diplomathic strategy.

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This is the first conservative article that convinced me.

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Our economy can sustain another war. theres another ways to stop Chavez

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Handshake a devil is not a good diplomatic act.

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Only our friends deserves a handshake no our enemies

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we feel that handshake like he betrayed us so bad..

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That handshake is very suspicious behavior,that's no doubt.

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I think this is a mere diplomatic gesture... nothing like they are going to be the best friends... Well, I think every one knows that, this is just a strategy and politics are always the same thing happening in different places.

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Hand-wringing Over The Obama-Chavez Handshake
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