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Wednesday, 10 December 2008



I have a Republican for many years and I have never been so ashamed of our party. For the past few weeks I have been kicking myself for voting for Obama and wondering if Icould ever justify it,well the "Grand Ole Party" have eased my discomfort. I now see why we have lost so many voters in the party.Will we continue to shoot ourselves in the foot??? At a time when we should be trying to get this world in better shape we are back-biting and sniping at the Democrats and having those entitlment issues. For once think about your supporters insted of your own agenda,that is one of the reasons we are shrinking in numbers.
This new ad of guilt by association is having a negative effect on our voters,I have read many blogs this morning and there a other Republicans that are complaining of this negative image of the party and favor rating is going in the tank. Instead of wasting time on something that noone cares about work on how your voters will keep jobs,keep their homes,and take of their families. Take care of your supporters. Who cares if Palin got slammed for clothes(old news)and think of the people that want to support you.This is so petty,what will happen if people start to question why Palin didnot condemn her Senator Stevens? Crime is crime.

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