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Wednesday, 19 November 2008


Anon Y Mouse

Thank you for this clarification. American people have been apathetic and lazy from political and economic standpoints because things seemed to be working well enough even though they were being hollowed out from the inside. I see this crisis as an opportunity for Americans to wake the Hell up and learn something past daytime TV about the way the world really works outside of Pollyannaville.

Lenin said "Fascism is capitalism in decline". Lenin was not a stupid man.

hypotheek banken

The information reported in this report is not only interesting but extremely useful. I hope to see better information in the future.

jason richardson

Thank you for not being another ingnorant American with his head to far up corporate America's rear end. Americans have for to long sat on the sidelines filling their mouths with genetically modified crap that the corporations have fed them. I strongly recomend a documentary called The Corporation to anyone that is fed up with the way things have been done in our society. Everywhere you turn people are being forced another widget to turn a profit for the corporations, and it is usually something no one really needs but they fool people into believing they do. Also congrats go out to the corporations for using their privately owned media to fool us into arguing about whose right and whose left when the problem lies in the center of Wall Street. Wake up America and take off those sweat shop Nike shoes, that Gap outfit, and put down your Kathie Lee Gifford handbags and stand up to the "new government" which is the corporations around world. If not then say bye bye to everything as you know it. Soon it will all have a price. Even your DNA.


In your analogy to Mcrancid burger staying in business. With only one burger joint in that town wouldn't the lone business itself control the market and set the price and the quality of it? After Mcrancid burger is gone of course, who is there to check the supply and demand of burgers in town?

Tommy De Seno

Yes Da1 that's the point I was making. If there is only one provider of a good or service, eventually their price will rise above their quality and service.

Arch Stanton

Fascism IS a form of socialism, just like communism is.

It's been mis-identified as "right-wing" for years, but its roots are socialist. The left dropped fascism in the mid 40s when the concentration camps were opened, and it's been used since Lenin as a kind of catch-all for anything the left doesn't like, but it's really nothing more than yet another socialist experiment.


Hey Arch, looks like you are one of those "ingnorant Americans with his head too far up corporate America's rear end" that Jason Richardson talked about.

Fascism is NOT "a form of socialism" or "communism". They are different ideologies with different economic and political goals and orientations. You are just using "socialism" and "fascism" as a catch-all for anything YOU don't like. Please turn off Glenn Beck and read some history.

Geezus fucking Christ.

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